Colour boost bourjois peach on the beach

9 Mar

20140309-090413 pm.jpg

20140309-090513 pm.jpg

Ahola! So I was in Boots (a British drugstore ) and picked up an amazing lip product. I have been really in to bourjois since the start of 2014. So I thought why don’t I start a bourjois page! Give me your thoughts in the comments! So this new lip product has been my number one fav! For a start I really liked the way it was like a giant pencil. I think Clinique have chubby sticks so I thought it was like a version of that. When I bought I originally thought it had to be sharpened but now to my surprise you just twist the end and It comes out. The colour itself is a coral. It’s a orangy coral. It is sheer and has a nice shine. I think it would be nice on top of a lipstick as it’s called colour booster but I think it gives a lovely look just put on. As I said its sheer so it gives colour but just the right amount! Hope you will invest !!
Xx miss gimme fashion


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