In my make-up bag!

10 Dec

Hola ! So today im going to show you the things in make up bag so here we go!

Crimson plum hand santiniser
This is heaven its smells so good. you will get people saying what is that smell ? Oh my goodness it smells so good in here ! From bath and body works.

Baby lips
I’m going to do a seperate review on this but its really moisturising has a tiny sold in boots and other places. £2.99

Mac impassioned lipstick
I love this lipstick. Its such a gorgeous colour. Its sold at mac counters so choose it ! £15.00

By Terry rose de rose blusher
This is lovely its a liquid. Its sheer and is beautiful. I’ve mentioned this before ! 49.00 or so

Bobby Brown long – wear cream eye shadow. In slate
This is really beautiful and gives a Smokey eye effect instantly. Can be worn with black eyeliner. That looks gorgeous. Not sure how much this costs £20.00 or so.

maybelline illegal defination mascara
This good but the pink one is better but I can’t remember what its called. Its good and doesn’t clump too much !

Bourjois healthy mix serum
This is so good it sinks in like water. Its a must have!

Bobby Brown face blender this is so good. Its brissles don’t fall out and is soft and works really well.

Bobby brown blush brush
This is really nice and is just a perfect blush brush !
So that’s all the pics are below!
I apologise for my rubbish photography on these images !


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