Bestfriend tag!

29 Jul

so today guys im doing the best friend tag ! with sapphire black from check it out where she’ll be quizzing me. so What we are doing is I ask her 8 questions about me and see if she gets them right so this is the way it works:

8 questions right = Best Friend Foreva !!!!!!

7-6 questions right  = bestie !

5-4 questions right = friend

2-3 question right = not very friendly

1-2 questions right= someone I vaguely know

0 questions right =complete  stranger

so lets get started

1. Q. What was my first proper pet called?

Ans. Fluffy the bunny rabbit

Sapphire says : ummmmm Charlie ,,,,, I don’t know pixel                                  WRONG


2.Q.What is my favourite cereal?

Ans.kellogs krave

Sapphire says: coco pops chereeios                                                            CORRECT


3. Q .What car do I want ?

Ans. a yellow beatle or a seat leon

Sapphire says: a yellow beatle or seat leon


4. Q. what is my favourite colour?

Ans . Turquoise or mint green and coral                                                 WRONG

Sapphire says :pink ,


5. Q. my favourite TV programme when I was younger?

Ans. The Koala Brothers or the Tweenies                                                          CORRECT

Sapphire says: pause tele tubbies tweenies


6. Q. My Favourite shop ?

Ans. Selfridges London

Sapphire says: primark or topshop Hollister jack wills


7. Q. what is my favourite food ?

Ans. Olives !! and texas BBQ ribs which are cooked for 12 hours yummy !                                         WRONG

Sapphire says Chinese , pizza  , chicken kayav


8. Q. What type of phone do I have ?

Ans. Nokia Lumia 800                                                            WRONG

Sapphire says: nokia lumia 6730 8370



LOL im suprized ! 2/8 wowy cazawweee anyway let me see if I can beat her by checking out

see yas all later bye


2 Responses to “Bestfriend tag!”

  1. princess lara December 10, 2013 at 7:54 pm #

    omg ur amazing at this. I rake it u watch macbarbie or zoella.

    • missgimmefashion December 10, 2013 at 8:04 pm #

      hiya princess lara ! i do watch thosebpeople but these are my own rwviewz of things thanks gf ! xx

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