Beauty Monthly Favourites- November 2014

13 Nov

So guys! It’s nearly Christmas! But…… There will be more on that in a few weeks but today I’m going to give:
|2 pieces of make-up|
|2 pieces of skin care|

With out further a do lets get started on my monthly favourites!

(If you can’t be bothered reading this skip to MAIN points!)So over the last couple of months the temperature has been dropping like crazy. Everyone has being getting the cold, the cough and just feeling really ill and sick. Due to this change in temperature my skin can react so this has just been amazing. Believe it or not my skin drys out but becomes quite oily in this period of time so the tinted moisturiser has just saved my life. It makes your skin look glowing and healthy, it is moisturising, it smells great and also has spf30 which is really just perfect. This has given me enough coverage and only a small amount of concealer is needed and you can litterely wack it on in the car and your skin will be glowing with health and radiance! It has been my go to product all month!!!!!

MAIN points
– it is super moisturising
-smells good
– good coverage
– can just wack it on in car and you will be glowing with beauty and health
– natural

Also as my skin is quite pale I have mine in the colour TERRE-NEUVE.

Rating 9.9/10

Also gets the boys ahaha

Where do i start? Well my mother brought my this back from Amsterdam. I had asked her for something from them but she could not have made a better choice! It is a cross between lip stain/lipstick/lip stain its an all in one. This lasts forever on the lips and is a super stays. It is one of those products if you kiss someone on the cheek and they ask, Do I have lipstick on my cheek?, you can just say a simple no just as long as you haven’t eaten your brunchZ! It just stays and never comes off. Obviously it will don’t worry!!!! But as far as lip products go this stands out by a mile. So the colour. The one colour could be many shades. You can apply a light coat or a thick one and it just looks just so perfect and beautiful

MAIN points
– stays forever
– beautiful colour
– simple
-nice packaging

Also if you want to see images of this product click on to buy.

wow! This face mask just puts the boost back into your skin as I previously mentioned I have been having trouble with my skin and this has just been a lifesaver. This just hydrates my skin so well! If I can put it in a way it’s like us drinking water to hydrate us that’s what this is like its just a mouth watering product! Also the sensation of when you put it on and this is going to sound Discusting but it’s actually so enjoyable it is nearly like we creatures running around your face cleaning it and feeding it good stuff. You will be able to relate if you have tried it.

MAIN points
– skin feels so hydrated
– amazing feeling putting it on
– go to FACEMASK
-worth every single penny.


Everyone knows Liz Earle if you don’t? Sweety, you have been living in a cave! So, as you should know Liz Earle is the best cleanser out there. I use it every single day and night. It smells good isn’t harsh on skin, removes make up, feels so clean and healthy.

MAIN points
– smells good ( especially the Limited edition!)
– removes make up
– isn’t harsh
– just perfect for any age group especially teens.



Enjoy and hope you find this helpful!
Miss gimme fashion!!

Back Again

13 Nov

Hello my gimme-ens. I really have abandoned my site and I’m not going to go on all promise you that I’m going to post all the time and all that because I know I can’t keep the promise! But I’ll try my best. So I’m back again with usual. How are you all?
Some may say oh you have been so lazy well
1. I have had so much work to do.
2. I forgot
3.i had no time

These aren’t the best excuses but aha well I will try so look out for posts!

Cya Missgimmefashion xx šŸ¢

ChloƩ platform wedges

16 Mar

These are so beautiful ! I really like the way they have been made. The platform has been made of wood and it gives a sign that they are hard wearing! The actual shoe is surprisingly comfy. I really like the flower design and the colour. I find the buckle really nice too. The shoes are incredibly versatile and can be basically worn with everything. I can’t remember how much these cost but They are surely worth it!

20140316-062025 pm.jpg

Bourjois 34 ROSE D’OR blusher

9 Mar

20140309-091751 pm.jpg

20140309-091727 pm.jpg

As I have said many of a time I have been addicted to bourjois! Today I’m doing a review on this wonderful blusher. Can I say just to get this started this smells so good. It reminds me of Marylin Monroe or Elizabeth Taylor . It’s such a vintage smell I’m not sure whether that makes any sense whatsoever. But it does! It is a lovely colour and gives a natural shine. It’s a wee bit sparkly but not over the top. It comes in lovely style packaging and is complete with a mirror and brush!!! The only down side is that it is sort of hard to pick up onto your brush maybe it’s just my brushes aren’t very good but I have to pick up some on my finger and blend in with the brush that way ! Overly all a very good purchase

Colour boost bourjois peach on the beach

9 Mar

20140309-090413 pm.jpg

20140309-090513 pm.jpg

Ahola! So I was in Boots (a British drugstore ) and picked up an amazing lip product. I have been really in to bourjois since the start of 2014. So I thought why don’t I start a bourjois page! Give me your thoughts in the comments! So this new lip product has been my number one fav! For a start I really liked the way it was like a giant pencil. I think Clinique have chubby sticks so I thought it was like a version of that. When I bought I originally thought it had to be sharpened but now to my surprise you just twist the end and It comes out. The colour itself is a coral. It’s a orangy coral. It is sheer and has a nice shine. I think it would be nice on top of a lipstick as it’s called colour booster but I think it gives a lovely look just put on. As I said its sheer so it gives colour but just the right amount! Hope you will invest !!
Xx miss gimme fashion

Oh no !

17 Feb

Dear users , I’m very sorry that I haven’t been posting !! It’s been years since I last did one ! We’ll maybe not years but ages anyway!! I’m determined to get my blog up and running again ! And update once a week or so !! And I just hope this isn’t one of those posts that I’m like I really need to update!! So I am going to do my best to do loads of new stuff and I hope you enjoy !!
By the way I hope to share lots of new goodies with you make up and clothes and all sorts so keep checking back !! And it’s too late to say but happy new year and make it a good one !!! 2014 is the blogging year where I’m bringing this blog to life !!!!!! So here I come !
Love missgimmefashion xx

Merry Christmas ! Boun natale

14 Dec

Ciao ! I’m just wishing all my viewers a Happy Christmas! Christmas is a time for spending time with family and friends ! I hope everyone gets the prezzies they want and I just wish U all a merry Christmas !
Have a good Christmas

In my make-up bag!

10 Dec

Hola ! So today im going to show you the things in make up bag so here we go!

Crimson plum hand santiniser
This is heaven its smells so good. you will get people saying what is that smell ? Oh my goodness it smells so good in here ! From bath and body works.

Baby lips
I’m going to do a seperate review on this but its really moisturising has a tiny sold in boots and other places. Ā£2.99

Mac impassioned lipstick
I love this lipstick. Its such a gorgeous colour. Its sold at mac counters so choose it ! Ā£15.00

By Terry rose de rose blusher
This is lovely its a liquid. Its sheer and is beautiful. I’ve mentioned this before ! 49.00 or so

Bobby Brown long – wear cream eye shadow. In slate
This is really beautiful and gives a Smokey eye effect instantly. Can be worn with black eyeliner. That looks gorgeous. Not sure how much this costs Ā£20.00 or so.

maybelline illegal defination mascara
This good but the pink one is better but I can’t remember what its called. Its good and doesn’t clump too much !

Bourjois healthy mix serum
This is so good it sinks in like water. Its a must have!

Bobby Brown face blender this is so good. Its brissles don’t fall out and is soft and works really well.

Bobby brown blush brush
This is really nice and is just a perfect blush brush !
So that’s all the pics are below!
I apologise for my rubbish photography on these images !

Hey Guys im still here !!!

22 Nov

hiya ! I haven’t updated in ages since the summer! wow ! Im going to redo my blog giving it a new appearance and a few new pages you might enjoy ! so get strapped into your seats for a new transformed blog !

Comment and follow !

bye missgimmefashion


2 Sep

Hiya guys ! So I haven’t updated in ages for a reason as I was on my holiday ! I went to Florence and it was amazing ! The ice cream in Italy tastes so nice I could eat it all day. And seeing the statues and everything in Italy was amazing so you should book your flights now ! Only joking ! But Italy is a gorgeous place and I do recommend going there so here is a few pics of Florence.